App Rules and Points

Guessball is An app that allows users to predict the results of the upcoming football matches. The matches which are belong to most of the European leagues and WorldCup. The user Sign up at the first time login, then can join multiple groups that are related to different leagues. User joins groups to compete the members of each group in his prediction. The highest points will be given to the user who gets the closest prediction to the real result after the match end. Which means the closer your prediction to the final result, the higher points you will gain. At the end of the competition the winner will be the user that collects more points. Raffle is applicable in case of many users gaining same highest number of points.

The app does not include a gambling.

There are no fees to create account and no fees to join any groupd by anyway.

All the prizes are optional and are a way to have fun and are to motivate members of a group to predicts the results of the group matches.

Nobody is sponsor of any prizes unless he stated that in the group description ( the creator of the group ).

Neither Apple nor Google is not sponsor of any group and not responsible of any announced prizes of any group within the guessball app.


We calculate the points after each matche using the following table :

Prediction Points
Correct Winner +2
Correct Draw +2
Correct Home Goals scored +1
Correct Away Goals scored +1
Totally correct prediction (Bonus) +1

Sign Up

While signing up, the Instagram account field is mandatory. This is because of the fact that some Group Admins may require from the group members to follow a certain group account to be able to participate in the competition.

Who is the the winner:
-The group admin can determine the number of matches of the league.
-In order to announce the winner of the group, the admin have to press “End of Prediction” button.
-If there are more than one winners with same score, they will all enter the raffle.
-the raffle will choose one winner randomly.
(Those who got the same highest scores may enter the raffle.)

Points Rules

Guessball team has the right to make any modifications in the rules at anytime. However, there will be an announcement in the app about the new changes that took place in the rules. As a matter of fact, these changes will only affect the prediction points of the upcoming matches which means that the prvious results that followed the previous rules will stay the same.

Home tab

Home tab shows the user joined groups in addition to the number of members in each group. The logo of each group represent the league that it belongs to.

Groups tab

Create Group

As a user you can create a group and asign it:
The user has the flexibility to choose any name for the group even if the chosen group name is already used by another user. However, the each group is unique code that can distinguish your group from others with the same name. (The codes group can be duplicated but it is better for you to choose a distinct name. However your created group will have an autogenerated unique code that can distinguish your group from others with the same name)
League or Team
Each group can belongs to one league or one team only.
Announce the prizes
it will be determined by the group admin and shown below the header of the group for only the group members ( appear below the header of the group and seen to the users in order to compete in prediction to achieve it.
Private/public: if private, then joiners should know the code/password of the group.
ADMIN - Group Creator rights:The group admin is the group creator
Can Pause joining to the group.
Can close the Group.
Make the raffle.
left the group (in this case the group will automatically be deleted).
Can determine the prizes of the winner. Note: Guessball is not responsible for any commitments related to those prizes.

Join Group

- You can join the private groups if the group admin share with you the group code and password. - You can join any public group without any restriction. -The search bar helps the user search for only public groups. -If you have joined a new group, your previous scores of only the common passed matches will be counted.

Leave Group

- If the admin left group, the group will automatically be deleted but the users predictions scores still can be used but depending on the joined group. *
- If a user left a group, he can join it again and his prediction history will not be lost.

Prediction tab

Prediction rules:

- User can predict upcoming matches only. The matches that started already or finished cannot be predicted.
- User can predict a match only one time.
-The user prediction score of a match will be automatically used in all the joined groups.
- If a user predicts a result, we do not have a submit button. Therefore, the prediction can be changed by the user at any time but before the match starts. Once match starts the app will only consider the last predicted result.

Our schedule

Every Monday at 2:00Am, matches of the week will be added to the app.
Points are calculated immediately once the match finishes. You can use the Reload button to refresh the shown data.


When you sign up, then you agree to all of these terms.

Personal data are all information which relate to an identified or identifiable natural person. A natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an instagram account, Email address.

To successfully provide our services, we must process information about you. There are various types of the information that we collect. It depends on how you use GuessballApp.

1. Information we collect when you use our website

Create Group

Create Group form contains some inputs that you must fill out to create a group. We collect information that you explicitly provide to us in these fields. The data will be inserted in our database. Those are required fields. We need them to provide you our service.

Prediction for match

When you post a prediction on one of our matches we store the predicted result for you explicitly. In addition, we calculated points after the end of each match you predict, date and time of your prediction.

2. Information sharing

We do not share any information with any third-party.

Contact Us

For any support contact us on:
Instagram: @guessballapp
Twitter: @guessball